BPDA Policy

Systemic racism influences every dimension of American law, from policing, incarceration and immigration, to eviction rates, family court systems, and health disparities. As such, the Black Public Defender Association views our policy and advocacy work through a comprehensive lens of carceral systems to identify, develop, and support strategies that disrupt the cycle of harm to Black communities.

Want to reach out to the BPDA policy committee? Email us at info@blackdefender.org.

Reimagining Public Safety

“Reimagining Public Safety: Community Listening Sessions with Black Communities and Public Defenders” is the result of a one-year project that asked over 100 Black Chicagoans to define what public safety means to them. The information was gathered through listening sessions, interviews, conversations, and role-playing.

Disrupting Carceral Systems

“Disrupting Carceral Systems: BPDA’s Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Administration” provides the Black public defender perspective on carceral systems that harm Black communities and outlines federal legislation, regulation, and enforcement strategies to the Biden-Harris Administration. BPDA also addresses the long-standing harms caused by policing and prosecutorial and judicial discretion.


Save Black Lives

Save Black Lives: A Call for Racially-responsive Strategies and Resources for the Black Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Position Papers

Read about BPDA’s positions on some of today’s most pressing issues.

BPDA Testifies

Hear testimony from BPDA members.