BPDA Policy

BPDA Launches Campaign for Race Equity

The killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 at the hands of the Minneapolis police has sparked national protests demanding justice for Mr. Floyd and calling for an end to state sanctioned violence against Black people. We applaud our public defense community for marching this week collectively in support of Black Lives Matter. Now, that the marches have ended…WE MUST ACT!

As organizations who work on behalf of black communities, you have a responsibility in this moment to ensure that your work advances Black lives. Silence and inaction is unacceptable. Silence in this moment not only indicates indifference but it reinforces systemic racism in your institutions and allows for the continuance of violence against Black people.

BPDA is calling on you to SPEAK and ACT TODAY!

BPDA is calling on public defenders, criminal defense organizations, legal, and national advocacy organizations to speak out against the killing of Mr. Floyd AND provide an action plan outlining how they will address systemic racism within their own work and communities. It is critical that organizations that advocate for criminal legal reform and those who have influence within the system develop action steps to dismantle the legacy of white supremacy and anti-Black policies and practices internally and within their circle of influence.The world is watching!

BPDA is watching!

BPDA will be tracking public responses to the murder of Mr. Floyd among public defense, legal, and advocacy organizations. We will maintain a record of organizations who have not spoken out about the murder of Mr. Floyd AND provided a public plan of action outlining a commitment to address systemic racism within their work. If your organization benefits from and rely upon the resources aimed at supporting the black community, you have a responsibility to speak and act today.Ultimately, BPDA will not support any organization that do not affirm the Black lives they claim to serve.