How to get involved with a Committee?

BPDA Committees

Communications Committee
This committee will be responsible for BPDA’s public relations matters. All requests for official comments or public statements will be made through the communications committee. Furthermore, the communications committee will be responsible for BPDA’s social media presence. Responsibilities will include:
– Facebook members’ only group
– Social media programming (webinars, web chats, real talk sessions, etc.)
– Online programming for BPDA members
– Programming and resources that address the unique experiences of Black advocates
Membership Outreach and Engagement Committee

The major focus of the membership outreach and engagement committee will be on creating local events throughout the country that engages the current membership of BPDA and promotes BPDA to prospective members. The events can include, but are not limited to:
– Networking receptions
– Candidate forums related to criminal justice issues
– Policy Forums

The expectation is that this committee will plan at least one event once per quarter in a different geographic region. 

Law Student Engagement Committee

The law student engagement committee will work on engaging law student in an effort to encourage more Black law students to become public defenders. This committee will be responsible for the following:
– Creating and fostering relationship a relationship with the Black Law Student Association
– Creating programming for law students
– Bolstering BPDA’s efforts in recruiting law students for summer internships and semester externships;
– Creating training programs for law students

This committee will work directly with the fundraising committee to establish and maintain a BPDA scholarship for Black law students interested in pursuing a career in public defense upon graduation.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising committee will develop giving opportunities to fund programs and initiatives of the Black Public Defender Association, such as the 2020 Summer Clerkship scholarships. This committee will be responsible for various activities, including, strategic planning of fundraising campaigns, setting fundraising goals and creating a donor pool by establishing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders. The Fundraising committee’s success in developing giving opportunities will be instrumental in increasing BPDA’s visibility on a national scale as well as advancing mission objectives for the organization.
BPDA Conference Planning Committee
The conference planning committee will collaborate with the Board of the Black Public Defender Association in the creation of future programming for the organization. Responsibilities include but are not limited to formulating a vision and researching subject matter that is germane to the issues of the day, securing presenters /keynote speakers, exploring the viability of potential venues and their accommodations, developing an itinerary and implementing marketing strategies to promote upcoming conferences.
Social Workers, Client Advocates, and Investigators Committee
Recognizing the importance of an entire team of advocates to maximize effective representation for marginalized populations, the Black Public Defender Association is committed to the creation of this unique committee. Members of this committee will engage social workers, investigators and public defenders to create a pipeline to facilitate a meaningful exchange of information and ideas. This group will work directly with the Annual Planning Committee, to ensure that relevant content for these respective fields is incorporated in future programming and conferences.